We are glad you’re here! Kindred Collective is a multiplying network of missional communities in Colorado Springs, Colorado, made up of passionate worshippers of God who are living into the gospel together as a called people with a shared mission: to proclaim and demonstrate God’s love in our closest relationships, our neighborhoods, our city, and the world. We are learning to live life together as the Church that Jesus instituted—a beloved family of sons and daughters who respond to the indwelling life of the Holy Spirit and find ourselves transformed in light of the word of God, to the end that every person would be brought complete into Christ.


Currently, Kindred Collective functions under the leadership of Tim and Laurie Thornton. As our church matures and elders emerge according to their in-season capacity and the calling of the Holy Spirit, we will commission them to do the work of shepherding the community. In addition, we joyfully submit to the parental love, care, and leadership of an apostolic team in the Pauline tradition, who encourage and challenge us to remain solidly built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.


Generosity is a high value at Kindred Collective, so much so that it gets its own page. Read more here.


Jesus in all things.

We adhere to the Nicene Creed as our primary statement of belief.


We enjoy being together in both large and small gatherings:

Kindred Gathering | Every other Sunday at 9:30am | University School basement | Colorado Springs, CO
At these gatherings, our entire church–all the missional communities as well as those people who aren’t in one–unites to worship and pray as a throng, hear from the scriptures, celebrate communion, and share life and stories with one another about how God is at work in our lives and neighborhoods. Check our calendar for the next Kindred Gathering at: http://kindredcollective.church

Small MC Gatherings | Every other Sunday
When we aren’t gathering as one large group, each missional community (or MCs for short) meets in homes across Colorado Springs.