As a community we practice both regular tithing and additional offerings.

We do not have a communal bank account, and we lean into the Holy Spirit as families and individuals as we decide where and to whom we bring our giving. 

The tithe is for people
1. to honor the people who oversee your spiritual journey/elders of the community/especially those who preach and teach and are set apart for the work
2. to help the poor
3. to provide opportunities for pilgrimage

Offerings are over and above the tithe and are taken up on a case-by-case basis 
1. to honor the University School for the use of their space–$50/gathering, sponsored by individuals
2. to honor visiting ministers
3. to help one another when needs arise

If you would like to bring your tithe to Tim & Laurie Thornton as they serve as primary overseers of Kindred Collective or sow into their family with an offering, you can do that on their website.

Here are some additional resources for more guidance on where to direct tithes/offerings.

Stewarding Our Finances: Tithes, Offerings – Kindred Collective

Tithing as a New Covenant Discipline: Priesthood, Poor, and Pilgrimage