Missional Communities express the values of worship, family, and mission in everyday life. MCs are like house churches that live a lot of life together and regularly engage mission, biblical reflection and discipleship as a group. Put simply, they are people who are committed to being discipled by Jesus together. As these communities continue to grow and new leaders emerge, they multiply to form new missional communities across Colorado Springs. Each MC determines its own predictable patterns based on the life rhythms and needs of the people and mission.

Missional communities have even smaller groups inside them called DNA groups, which are our primary space for discipleship and biblical reflection in community. These small groups of roughly 3-5 men or women journey together through the scriptures, growing in their understanding of the larger story of the Gospel and learning to walk in the way of Jesus, praying for one another, and holding each other accountable. DNA groups are weightiest and most potent expression of kingdom life in our ecosystem.

The Church is not just a building or an institution; it’s the called and gathered people of God—one family! If you feel drawn to make your home among this little sliver of God’s worldwide kingdom family here in Colorado Springs, then we invite you to connect personally with us by reaching out to Blaine, Emilie, and Leah.